Christopher Clarke Cancer Research Fund

Brain tumours take more young lives
than any other cancer
Help us fight this devastating disease

   Brain tumours account for 40% of cancer deaths in children- now surpassing lymphoblastic leukaemia
   Brain tumours are also the leading cause of death in males aged 20-29

Despite these shocking facts funding for research into brain tumours is negligble. There's a great need for better understanding of what causes them, how the brain reacts to them and how they behave and most importantly a need for better and more effective treatments.

A few years ago prostate and testicular cancer suffered from the same lack of awareness and funding. With increased resources, support and awareness, treatment success rates are constantly improving. Its now vital that the same pioneering and classleading work is committed to stamping out brain tumours.

We started this charity because there seemed to have been so little progress in over 25 years for the treatment of brain tumours.

We are committed to raising awareness of brain tumours, especially in young people, but brain tumours can affect anyone at any age so any research that we can help support or fund will benefit everyone.

The charity aims to:

   Raise funds to secure sustained investment in scientific research into treatments and prevention of primary brain tumours in young people
   To fund publication of research
   Provide up-to-date information to the young people and families who have to cope with the consequence of primary brain tumours
   Raise public awareness of the incidence of brain tumours amongst young people
   Help people recognise symptoms so they can act early
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Objective 1 
To promote scientific research for the public into the pathophysiology, treatment and prevention of primary brain tumours in young people and to disseminate the results

Objective 2 
To advance the public's education on matter's relating to brain tumours

   Karen Clarke
C/O Lancashire Living
170 Bolton Road West

   07733 149723

Mrs Karen Clarke - Chairperson
Professor Noel Clarke
Mr Phillip Wheelhouse
Reverend Steven Harvey
Lady Ruth Trippier
Mr Colin Cooper
Dr Richard Slade
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