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Christopher Clarke

"Life passes you by whether your making plans for it or not. People pass away everyday but because life is so fast people never stop to think about it, until that person who dies that day is part of your heart. Then your life stops, and for the first time in your life you actually realise what life is all about.Now we have all realised what life is all about. You were different Chris. Before you were born you knew what life was not about, money success or victory. You knew that life is about friendships and helping people. You knew this and you did it to the best of your ability. You helped everyone who had the priviledge to know you. I dont know of one person who doesnt like you. You where like a brother to all your lad friends, you gave us advice and listened to all our problems. You gave people a great view on life and you helped people throughout your life, and now you have passed on which it doesnt feel like you have because we all know your up there getting the beers in and playing Pro Evo and laughing. You will continue to help people now you are on the other side because people will wonder what you would do in that situation. You entered your life to help people and I dont know why you died and I am not going to pretend that I do, but I know you Chris and you would not have left us if it were not to help someone else. You will always be remembered as truely great, honest, amazing and loveable friend to anyone who had the luck to know a great person like you. The world would be a better place if there were more people like you Christopher George Clarke. Sleep well friend".

To Clarkey
You will never know how much of an impact you had on all of us. You always made me laugh and cheered me up,and thats how you will be remembered. Not only that but at some point in their life everyone fancied you! From one Tasty Bud to another
I'll miss you

I remember when I first met you at Pillsworth you said Hi and gave me a big hug and from then one I knew you were a very special person, and you became a very special friend. I remember when I rang your house and asked for Clarkey and your Mum said which one? and I said I dont know , he's just called Clarkey! You will always be the nicest guy that I have ever known.
Love you and miss you always

To my fellow Blackburn supporter!
I really do not know what to say because you mean so much to everyone, you were always the life and soul of the party and you will be missed greatly. I will always remember you as the most fantastic person ever, and Blackburn's number one fan! I will always think about you whenever Im at Ewood and I'll always keep a look out for you in the crowd!
I'll miss you so much, lots of love
P.s. You were rather a fabulous Emperor in a dress! xxxxxxx

Alreet Clarkey
You were top Chris and always have a smile for us in business, I lost count of the times I bumped into you drink on your Thursdays!
On the Italy trip .."It was hilarious the way you tried to steal our beds..., still puts a smile on my face to this day...and will do forever more..."
"Pillsworth Cider...need I say more"! "You always made the cheeky jokes to everyone, and that is something that I will miss so much".
"Your a legend".

Clarkey mate, I couldn't of wished to meet a nicer will always be in my memories.
Chris, you have taught me a huge lesson, fullfill life to the maximum, you will always be an influence in my life.
To be honest pal most of my good memories in my whole life have involved you somehow and I have so much to thank you for because of that.
I will always miss you from your wild parties to the drunken times in the pub.
I love you loads pal, broken my heart that you've gone. Will meet you later in life up in the sky's, will always think about you.
"Your only in the next room after all...."
"I can't believe you'll never have the opportunity to do all the things that lie ahead - we will be thinking of you along the way and everything you would have been"
"Your one in a million"
"I'll miss the famous Clarkey hugs"
On the Italy trip...Chris posed for twenty minutes on top of a pillar whilst hundreds of tourists took a picture of him!
Clarkey bear...remember the time we went to the cinema to see a horror were so strong so brave or so I thought, until I looked at you and you were cowering behind your hands like a girl!
Clarkey gave me many laughs during his really bad gangster impressions...and wearing his black hat leaving his ears poking out..which add ed to the 'hard man' look ! Plus his American accent....
I'll miss you Clarkey my little bus buddy...even tho your gone never forgotten.
I will remember you as always laughing and joking but underneath your tough exterior is the most beautifull soul of a person...

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To promote scientific research for the public into the pathophysiology, treatment and prevention of primary brain tumours in young people and to disseminate the results

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To advance the public's education on matter's relating to brain tumours

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