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Ross's Story

Two days before Christmas, last year, Ross bought his first flat. He had a job he loved and the future looked bright and exciting. He was however, fighting a battle against constant tiredness. Over the next month he visited the doctor’s four times. By the beginning of February he was feeling much worse. He went to A and E and after tests was admitted to the neurological intensive care ward.


What the consultant diagnosed was an unbelievable shock. He had an aggressive, malignant brain tumour in an inoperable position, accompanied by considerable swelling of the brain. His world, and that of those close to him, seemed to have to come to a shuddering halt. His hopes and dreams for the future were over!

Ross was a normal twenty five year old. He was bright, kind and fun. He played lots of sport, had never smoked and had always worked hard. So why him?

Everybody did all they could to make the best of his short remaining time and his ability to stay positive, happy and loving over the following months was inspirational. He was surrounded by friends and family who cared desperately but, although he had shunts fitted to relieve the pressure together with radio and chemo-therapy, sadly Ross died at home, with his family and girlfriend around him on October 28th. What marked Ross out to make him vulnerable to this dreadful cancer? Surely we must be able to do something to prevent others experiencing the devastating loss of someone so young and full of potential.

As a family we are committed to doing all we can to support the Christopher Clarke charity as every penny raised will go directly to fund the research post.

The following paragraph explains what we hope to achieve following the tragic deaths in 2006 of Christopher Clarke and Ross Cooper. Our hope is to raise awareness of the need for further research into this terrible disease. Specifically, the aim is to fund a research post, at the Christie Hospital, examining the causes and treatment of brain tumours, as this is one of the few cancers with which there has been very little progress.

If you feel able to support the charity in any way please contact us at or via the web site. May we thank you in anticipation of any support you feel able to offer.

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Objective 1 
To promote scientific research for the public into the pathophysiology, treatment and prevention of primary brain tumours in young people and to disseminate the results

Objective 2 
To advance the public's education on matter's relating to brain tumours

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